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DB locations

Wikidata specific tables

You can read more details in the docs

Repo tables

Change dispatch related tables:

  • wb_changes
  • wb_changes_dispatch
  • wb_changes_subscription

Secondary terms index

  • wbt_property_terms
  • wbt_term_in_lang
  • wbt_text
  • wbt_text_in_lang
  • wbt_type


  • wb_id_counters
    • Simple tables storing counters for wikibase entity ids
  • wb_items_per_site
    • Links client site + title pairs to item ids.
    • NOTE: This reflects the sitelinks found on items
  • wb_property_info
    • Secondary storage for property info (datatype, formatter url etc)
  • wbqc_constraints
  • wbs_propertypairs

Client tables

  • wbc_entity_usage
    • Data usage tracking system for client sites.