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Location: eqiad
Node name: vanadium.eqiad.wmnet (fingerprint)
Usage: other
This device has been decommissioned.
Icinga?: host status services status
Memory: 7 Gb
CPU: 4x Intel Xeon CPU X3450 @ 2.67GHz
HDD: 111Gb
OS: Ubuntu logo small.png Ubuntu 12.04

vanadium was a server in eqiad that was the log collector for EventLogging generated by event.gif requests to the bits Varnish servers. It was decommissioned 2015-04-09. It also collected logging events from server-side PHP code.

It also counted MediaWiki errors on the cluster for graphing in ganglia (see Wikimedia Grid > Miscellaneous eqiad > vanadium.eqiad.wmnet : mediawiki metrics

It was also (December 2012) used for Translate's translation memory through Solr.