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Infographic collection

@Martyav: Hi! Just a quick note, that you might find something useful in this list of images I've been semi-randomly compiling. User:Quiddity/How does it all work#Images found elsewhere. I'm mildly addicted to infographics... ;-)

Also, let me know if I can help with anything. I'm not a dev, but am familiar with much of the wikis' workings and histories. Cheers! Quiddity (talk) 07:48, 24 April 2019 (UTC)

@Quiddity: Thanks! I'm going to be working on plans later today, and this collection of images should be very helpful. Martyav (talk) 15:18, 24 April 2019 (UTC)

Older hubs

@Martyav: Oh, one other link that might be pertinent (but also a potential distraction-rabbithole!) this compilation of existing (many ancient or incomplete) mw:User:Quiddity (WMF)/Hubs and docs. HTH! Quiddity (talk) 22:49, 25 April 2019 (UTC)