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This is a page to save information related to the task Create a "my first Pywikibot bot" tutorial for Toolforge.

Source material

What pages and resources already exist?

Existing Pages
Page Notes
Help:Toolforge/My first Pywikibot tool Page I'm working. Goal is to make this page useful for new toolforge/pywikibot users.
Help:Toolforge/Developing#Pywikibot Looks very useful. Lot of overlap with page above.
mw:Manual:Pywikibot/Installation/Toolforge Detailed instructions but some parts marked outdated.
User:Russell Blau/Using pywikibot on Labs Might be outdated.

Judging by Tool:DrTrigonBot#Setup_pywikibot_on_Labs, these are the two most used sources for setting up Pywikibot on Toolforge: