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User:Tim/Switching log server

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To change the MW log server:

  • In CommonSettings.php, edit $wmfUdp2logDest. Sync that out.
  • Touch InitialiseSettings.php and sync that out since $wmfUdp2logDest is implemented in a very special way and doesn't cooperate with the conf cache.
  • In wmerrors.ini in puppet, edit wmerrors.log_file. Deploy it. I already added a notify metaparameter so it should just start working. If it doesn't, apache needs to be restarted.
  • Confirm $wmfUdp2logDest is working by tailing xff.log. Confirm wmerrors.ini is working by requesting /w/fatal-ifjwghy9ibag.php with curl and checking fatal.log.

Before deleting the /a partition from fluorine, please save the following files:

  • /a/mw-log/*.log
  • /a/mw-log/archive/*-20120816*
  • /a/mw-log/archive/*-20120817*

The other files are copies and don't need to be saved.