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Blubber creates Dockerfiles from a higher level description expressed as YAML. The Deployment pipeline relies on an application's Blubberfile(s) to build images for testing and production.


PipelineLib is a library of code that consumes an application's .pipeline/config.yaml. This configuration directs the pipeline through integration telling it:

  • What blubber.yaml
  • What unit tests to run
  • What integration tests to run
  • Which tests can be run in parallel
  • What container image is to be used in production


Helm uses Helm charts to define the resources needed to deploy an application to production. Helm manages things like:

  • Config files
  • Resource limits
  • What ports your application uses
  • Smoke tests for your application

In short, Helm allows the easy management of mapping deployment resources to an environment. If you need a different configuration for local development and production, chances are it'll be easy to configure with Helm.