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Welcome to my Userpage

Hello there fellows,

My name is Niv, I basicly live in Israel.

Things I like

  • Editing on Wikipedia
  • Miraheze =)
  • Learning languages so I can talk with more people
  • Programming(Computer-based Languages Developing+Decoding+Writing)
  • When Miraheze works perfectly

Things I HATE

  • Vandalism
  • Miraheze server errors
  • Scams

This page will still be updated soon and regulary,

Anyone is invited to regulary edit this page =)

Projects I take place in


Sprach is a project which allows all of the users of it to Actually speak and write, also the receive the sender information in less then 2 seconds.

The project is still in development And I can't tell much about it just yet, as soon as the first release goes on - I'll update this page.


Nejt is a programming language based on Lua, I am actually making it only with a friend, Nothing serious at all,

At the end it might be a big thing - but Its just in the Very first stage, Waiting won't kill anyone.