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  1. Download putty
  2. Open puTTYgen, and click generate.
    1. Fill in a comment (name) for the key.
    2. Fill in a passphrase, and confirm it.
    3. Copy your public key to tools here
      Copy the highlighted portion in this screenshot
    4. Click "Save private key", and save the file.
  3. Open puTTY
    1. In the left pane, under "Connection", expand SSH, and click on Auth
      Navigate here
    2. Click "Browse", and locate the file you saved earlier.
    3. Click on "Session" in the right pane
    4. Select "SSH"
    5. Enter the host (either "" or ""
    6. Enter a name for your preferences in the "Saved Sessions" box, and click the save button.
    7. Click the "Open" button.
      1. PuTTY might give you a "Security Alert" window. This is normal for the first time connecting to a host (click yes, in this case) - but not normal if you have connected before (investigate why in this case).
      2. Login using your shell login name (may not be the same as your LDAP name)
      3. Enter your key's password (again, may be different from your LDAP password)
      4. Normally once logged in, you will switch to your tool's user by issuing the command "become toolnamehere"