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I live in the West Midlands, England and was born in 1952. Although I studied Natural Sciences and the Electrical Sciences Tripos, I only worked for a year in the Electronics industry before becoming a teacher. After 24 years of teaching in Secondary schools (11-18+), I spent my time since 1997 working on IT-related projects, before retiring in 2012.

Since learning COBOL and FORTRAN in the 1960s, I have used and/or taught most of the mainstream programming languages of the past 50 years, from 6800 machine code to Lua, as well as markup languages and css.

My main hobby is Scuba diving and I've been involved in instruction of recreational diving for well over 20 years to date as an SAA National Instructor.

On the English Wikipedia which I started editing in 2008, I've taken some of the scuba articles through the GA process and written featured content, both article and list. Nowadays, I tend to find my wiki-time taken up mainly on technical matters, particularly my work for en:WP:WikiProject Accessibility and maintaining en:Module:Wikidata and en:Module:WikidataIB, which I have developed over the last few years to enable information to be pulled from Wikidata into infoboxes on the English Wikipedia.

I currently serve on the boards of Wiki Project Med Foundation and Wikimedia UK. I am also a Lead Trainer for WMUK.