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Jump to navigation Jump to search is a shortener for phab:. It does one thing - providing a short URL for

It has one rule: (the number here is just an example. You can link your favorite bug number) to I tried to make the URL as short as possible, thus the T stuff is removed from the URL scheme. (Mostly because I intended to use it w/ my fat finger on mobile)

As of December 2021, redirections happen at Cloudflare Page Rules. Less server, less attack vector. I was wiping the VPS which was hosting old webserver, and it led to phab:T298041. Quick re-activation via Cloudflare Page Rules, and will stay as is for a while. (Yes, everyone knows I am lazy)

If it goes down, the quickest way to report is usually IRC (you know which nick on which network to bug), Discord (#wikimedia-chat) or email (wikimedia-secure at which will log a task into my personal phabricator instance.

This service was inspired by