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Creating a new presto database view, pasting in


Testing connection yields

ERROR: (builtins.NoneType) None
(Background on this error at:

This makes sense because we haven't configured security.

Here's the config from production:

  "metadata_params": {},
  "engine_params": {
    "connect_args": {
      "KerberosConfigPath": "/etc/krb5.conf",
      "KerberosKeytabPath": "/etc/security/keytabs/superset/superset.keytab",
      "KerberosPrincipal": "superset/an-tool1010.eqiad.wmnet@WIKIMEDIA",
      "KerberosRemoteServiceName": "presto",
      "requests_kwargs": {
        "verify": "/etc/ssl/certs/Puppet_Internal_CA.pem"
  "metadata_cache_timeout": {},
  "schemas_allowed_for_csv_upload": []

Adding the metadata_params and engine_params to their respective fields in the ui WITHOUT updating the principal yield:

An error occurred while creating databases: Connection failed, please check your connection settings

So we change it to "KerberosPrincipal": "superset/an-tool1005.eqiad.wmnet@WIKIMEDIA", and it saves the datasource.

However, checking the box named "Impersonate logged in user (Presto, Trino, Hive, and GSheets)"


ERROR: (builtins.NoneType) None
(Background on this error at:

Annoying generic error. Let's look on the box to see what it is.

Oct 19 15:33:13 an-tool1005 superset[4687]: 2021-10-19 15:33:13,284:WARNING:superset.views.base:[SupersetError(message='(builtins.NoneType) None\n(Background on this error at:', error_type=<SupersetErrorType.GENERIC_DB_ENGINE_ERROR: 'GENERIC_DB_ENGINE_ERROR'>, level=<ErrorLevel.ERROR: 'error'>, extra={'engine_name': 'Presto', 'issue_codes': [{'code': 1002, 'message': 'Issue 1002 - The database returned an unexpected error.'}]})]

Still just a totally generic error...