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User:Razzi/Installing puppet on mac

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brew install puppetlabs/puppet/puppet-agent

Puppet executable lives at


It's added to the path, upon the next shell restart: /opt/puppetlabs/bin got added to path (but how?!)

Get an example module with at

git clone
cd Puppet_Masterless

Run it without a server with:

/opt/puppetlabs/bin/puppet apply --modulepath ./modules/ manifests/site.pp

Even simpler:

$ cat helloworld.pp
file { '/tmp/helloworld.txt':
  content => "hello world"

puppet apply helloworld.pp


brew install puppet-bolt

bolt project init datahub_alpha

bolt module add puppetlabs-vcsrepo

bolt apply helloworld.pp --target localhost

Timing: puppet apply wins

puppet-datahub $ time bolt apply helloworld.pp --target localhost
Ran on 1 target in 3.69 sec

Executed in    4.62 secs    fish           external
   usr time    2.84 secs  506.00 micros    2.83 secs
   sys time    0.41 secs   51.00 micros    0.41 secs

puppet-datahub $ time puppet apply helloworld.pp
Notice: Compiled catalog for razzi-framework. in environment production in 0.01 seconds
Notice: Applied catalog in 0.00 seconds

Executed in    1.64 secs      fish           external
   usr time  794.29 millis  493.00 micros  793.79 millis
   sys time  100.33 millis   51.00 micros  100.28 millis

How to install puppet modules with r10k:

r10k puppetfile install