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User:Razzi/Developing cookbook locally

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First install spicerack:

pip install wikimedia-spicerack

I installed ipython but this gave version incompatibilities with click for elasticsearch-curator, so I uninstalled it and black.

After that, I added the following minimal configuration:

cookbooks $ cat /etc/spicerack/config.yaml
cookbooks_base_dir: /Users/rabuissa/work/cookbooks/
logs_base_dir:  /var/log/spicerack

Then the aqs cookbook parsed arguments correctly:

(venv) operations-software-spicerack $ cookbook sre.aqs.roll-restart
usage: cookbook [-h] {aqs}
cookbook: error: the following arguments are required: cluster

The venv is in /Users/rabuissa/forks/operations-software-spicerack/venv.