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Deploying maps services

Git repositories galore

Kartotherian is developed on GitHub, however for deployment purposes we have copies of both services' main repos in Gerrit, at maps/kartotherian and maps/tilerator. All development should happen on GitHub while Gerrit can have WMF-specific hacks (that should be avoided, however).

Building for deployment

Kartotherian and Tilerator are deployed according to the standard process for deploying Wikimedia Node.js services, with the important difference that deployments are built from purpose-specific "package" repos rather than directly from service code repos. This is to facilitate the bundling of additional maps-specific dependencies.


Deploying services

Refer to Services/Deployment for general instructions.

In most cases, Kartotherian and Tilerator should be deployed together, to ensure that all dependencies (in particular, styles) are in sync.