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Setting up a second wiki

For example luke081515@rcm-wiki-ca:/srv/mediawiki-vagrant$ vagrant roles enable testwiki enables a testwiki at test-<yourprojectdomain>, if you create a proxy. Remeber to run vagrant provision after you enabled this role.

Store configuration

  • Don't use files outside settings.d, for example don't use /srv/mediawiki-vagrant/localsettings.php. Use /srv/mediawiki-vagrant/settings.d/10-LocalSettings.php (you don't have to use this filename, this is just an example).
  • Store config for one wiki only at the wiki relative part. This is /srv/mediawiki-vagrant/settings.d/wikis/<WikiDBName>/settings.d/<config.php>. So for example if you want to create a file 10-CommonSettings.php, and the DB Name of the wiki is testwiki, your file should be here: /srv/mediawiki-vagrant/settings.d/wikis/testwiki/settings.d/<config.php>

Add own wiki (not tested yet)

  1. Use puppet/modules/mediawiki/manifests/wiki.pp to create your own role
  2. Put you role-config in: puppet/modules/roles/manifests
    • Alternativly you can manually add any class via an array named "classes" in puppet/hieradata/local.yaml, e.g. "classes: [ '::local::foo' ]"
    • puppet/modules/local exists but is excluded in .gitignore to make local dev easier