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  1. add tokens in CI::master and deployment_server in private repo
  2. add k8s dummy tokens: gerrit:684000
  3. upgrade release=namespaces, helmfile apply to create namespace
  4. ci/deployment-server: add kubernetes namespace: gerrit:681500, gerrit:685116
  5. request new Gerrit repo
  6. in new repo: add initial config stub for pipelinelib: gerrit:690678
  7. add initial Blubberfile: gerrit:690768
  8. CI: jjb/project-pipelines: add pipelines for miscweb: gerrit:690788
  9. CI/zuul: Install bespoke pipeline CI gerrit:690794
  10. add LVS service IPs (DNS/Netbox#How_to_manually_allocate_a_special_purpose_IP_address_in_Netbox, gerrit:693966
  11. generate TLS certs for K8s deployments, use cergen [1], [2], git commit in private puppet repo
  12. Add discovery DNS: gerrit:693968
  13. Add LVS config: gerrit:694625
  14. Switch service state from service_setup to lvs_setup gerrit:694628
  15. Switch service state from lvs_setup to monitoring_setup gerrit:694629
  16. Switch service state from monitoring_setup to production gerrit:694630