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My name is Lane Rasberry. To talk to me either post on my talk page or email me to make an appointment for a video or voice chat.

Biographical sketch

Lane Rasberry is Wikimedian-in-residence at the Data Science Institute at the University of Virginia. His professional interests include popular science, consumer protection, civic engagement, access to health information, clinical research, the Open Movement, data science, LGBT+ rights, and Wikimedia projects. Lane's personal interests include coffee, pet rodents, history of India, New York City, and Seattle.

Statement on Wiki

The development of Wikipedia articles and Wikimedia content is the responsibility of everyone who has a stake in community education. Everyone should consider the influence and impact of Wikimedia in their fields of expertise. Everyone should support the development of Wikimedia projects to share access to the best available information in all fields of interest.

Wiki activities

I edit Wikimedia projects professionally. In April 2012 I joined Consumer Reports, a United States-based nonprofit consumer organization, as Wikipedian-in-residence. From March 2018 I have been Wikimedian-in-residence at the Data Science Institute of the University of Virginia.

My wiki-affiliations include the following:


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