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Andrew Sherman

Hello, my name is Andrew Sherman.

I am a Digital Communications Intern with a passion for the user experience and content management. My background in Web Design and CSS helps me to work dynamically with campaigning/marketing.

My work and play are similar because they both occur on the same machine. I am fortunate to know so much about myself and I want to know more about the world. I learn something new everyday through the internet and tend to back source and do my own searches to grasp a curious concept. The world is full of connections and I have found a way to experience them.


Being in a new city I have a lot to experience and so far it has been a blast. I am living by Alamo Square which I hear is a prime location. There are at least three parks within less than five blocks from my house and endless choices for food. During my free time I really like to be outside and tend to grab some lunch to go and sit on a hill with a nice view.

As I said my work is my passion so when I'm not out and about you can usually find me at my computer. I'll either be catching up on the YouTube channels I subscribe to or sifting through some RSS. Movies are my life and if I am able to I try and multitasking while watching something new or old. I really enjoy older and classic content and movies because they provide a context for the current culture and ideas to inspire nostalgia.


Billy Joel | Logic | The Four Seasons | Nas | The Notorious B.I.G | Boards Of Canada


Donnie Darko | South Park | Trailer Park Boys | The Office | The Breakfast Club | A Clock Work Orange | 24 | Curb Your Enthusiasm | Talladega Nights


Volleyball | Ping-Pong | Box Hockey | Softball | Golf | Weightlifting Music