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We run reports regularly on sockpuppet (salt master) in order to generate lists of which hosts are in dhcp, dns, known to salt, have puppet certs, exported resources, etc. The interesting lists are comparisons: which hosts have exported resources but no certs (there were four, now fixed); which hosts are known to salt but don't respond to, etc. Lists for cleanup below.

Known to salt, fail

There are some hosts running hardy (db9, dobson, mchenry, pdf1-3) for which there are no salt packages; we ignore those.

  • analytics boxes moved, waiting for network fix RT #6279

Have puppet cert but not known to salt

As before, we skip the hosts running hardy. 'Puppet' is a cert for the cname, so skip that too.

  • cp3001-2 -- in a27f2b22a19c71b0caf289045e04380c67c9178f from over a year ago they were decommed in puppet
  • labstore1002
  • ssl3004

Hosts in dns and not in dhcp

We ignore all the entries wmfxxx and WMFxxx; these are asset tag antries.

asw*, br*, cr*, csw*, ps*, psw*, scs*, vl*, msw*, mr*, cam* and all -lb entries can be skipped.

We don't serve dhcp to toolserver hosts so these can be ignored: amaranth, clematis, fuchsia, hawthorn, hemlock, iris, mayflower, mint, nightshade, ortelius, ptolemy, ragweed, sage, ts-array4a, ts-array4b, vandale, willow, yarrow, zedler, zedler-array

Names that are service entries (svc.*.wmnet) or the equivalent can be ignored: apaches, apaches2, api, appservers, bits, mobile, ms-fe, parsoid, parsoidcache, payments, rendering, search, search-pool1-5, search-prefix, text, upload

Names that are essentially aliases to other hosts, even if not CNAMES, can be ignored: gerrit, icinga-admin, imap, labnfs, labs-ns0, labs-ns1, lists, mail, ns0-2, ntp, observium, rt, smtp, ubuntu, wikitech, wikitech-static

The nas* entries can be skipped.

Hosts in frack can be skipped: indium, lutetium, samarium, silicon, thulium, db1008, db1025, pay-lvs100*, payments1001-4, pfw*-eqiad

Spares can be skipped; they should have a mgmt ip entry in dns and nothing else. These include: argon, cobalt, europium, neodynium, niobium, promethium, rhodium, cp1021-36, cp1041-42

Names that creep in because they are subdomains: bounce, email, mail3880, reply (email.donate)

   america -, still need?
   asia -, still need?
   mc1017, 18 -- to be installed, rt #6351
   mobile1004-1005 - to be reclaimed (maybe never installed): rt #6350
   multatuli - esams - last seen 2010 in SAL - still used?
   osm-web1001-4 - daniel is already handling these, decom for shipment
   pascal - I have no records of this in Racktables -Rob- esams/knams, last seen 2008, stil exists?
   slauerhoff -esams... used?
   slauerhoff-array -esams... used?
   tesla - ryan says: wipe and gone. ticket at rt #3801
   tiles - is this left over when we did some OSM testing?  Seems so, since we have not done anything else yet 
           (Brandon is working on it) I bet this can go, may wanna check with him -Rob
           - well this might have beeen a toolserver host, I see log entries from jeluf about this and
           ortelius, so needs more checking
   virt13-4 - to be reclaimed and shipped to eqiad as with all ciscos, rt 5673 was the
              deploy ticket and now is the reclaim ticket
   www - hahaha, leave this alone.

Misc issues

  • ssl3004: rt RT #2873 says there is a drac issue, ever fixed?