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  • new tidy
  • wikidiff2
  • FSS
  • /etc/sudoers
  • Apache configuration

We can defer these by using the fedora scaling cluster for now:

  • ImageMagick is 6.2.4 Q16, should be 6.2.8+, Q8
  • librsvg is stock, needs security patches. See /h/w/src/packages/install-librsvg
  • Font consistency:
    • We have DejaVu fonts 2.14, needs to be upgraded. Debian unstable has 2.19, we could upgrade to that and also upgrade the FC package, for consistency.
    • Lots of fonts missing, e.g. Japanese miscellaneous fonts. We probably would benefit from just installing all ~120 font packages
      • Ubuntu 7.04 wasn't much good, but Ubuntu 8.04 is better than what we're using now.

External storage:

  • It's possible to use stock MySQL 5.0, but it shouldn't be slaving from 4.1 or use a data directory copied from 4.1 if possible. Lots of migration work to do.