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Jump to navigation Jump to search is a test wiki inside the production cluster. It runs the same code as other Group 0 wikis.


Testwikis are intended primarily for:

  • Short-term testing of code before pushing to other wikis. (see Debugging in production)
  • Debugging issues in production.
  • Long-term testing of configuration options or extensions that aren't enabled on other wikis.
  • Testing global and cross-wiki features between,, and/or differs from in the following ways:

  • Configuration enables $wgShowExceptionDetails
  • Debug log instrumentation is enabled. Output from wgDebugLog() is enabled (see Logs).


Before 2016

Until January 2016, traffic intended for automatically got a X-Wikimedia-Debug header set at the Varnish layer. This made all its requests automatically route to the canary server (mw1017, as of July 2013) for easy debugging in production. As all debug traffic, Varnish caching is automatically disabled for those requests in Varnish.

Before 2013

Prior to 2013, the testwiki canary server ran the MediaWiki code in /home/wikipedia/common mounted over NFS from the deployment server (then fenari, now tin). As of June 2012, the application server for testwiki was srv193.

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