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See also: Template:Nova Project <templatedata> { "params": { "Project Title": { "type": "string", "autovalue": "Nova Project Documentation", "required": true }, "Description": { "type": "content", "description": "Detailed description of project", "suggested": true, "required": true }, "Purpose": { "type": "content", "description": "Short summary of reason for project", "suggested": true }, "Anticipated Traffic Level": { "type": "string", "description": "How busy do you expect the web services offered by the project to be?", "example": "None, 0-10 hits per day, 10-100 hits per day, 100-1000 hits per day, more than 1000 hits per day", "suggested": true }, "Anticipated Time Span": { "type": "string", "description": "How long to you expect the project to be active?", "example": "None, days, weeks, months, indefinite", "suggested": true }, "Project Status": { "type": "string", "description": "What lifecycle stage is the project in?", "example": "None, not started yet, currently running, abandoned", "suggested": true }, "Contact Address": { "type": "content", "description": "Where can interested volunteers contact the project mantainers?", "example": "mailing list, email address, phabricator project", "suggested": true }, "Willing to take contributors or not": { "type": "string", "description": "Are new volunteers welcome by the project?", "example": "None, willing, not willing", "suggested": true }, "Subject area narrow or broad": { "type": "string", "example": "None, narrow, broad" }, "Extra Information": { "type": "content" }, "Category": { "type": "content", "description": "Categories to add the project to", "deprecated": true } }, "description": "Basic information about a Cloud VPS project", "format": "block", "paramOrder": [ "Project Title", "Description", "Purpose", "Anticipated Traffic Level", "Anticipated Time Span", "Project Status", "Contact Address", "Willing to take contributors or not", "Subject area narrow or broad", "Category", "Extra Information" ] } </templatedata>