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Template:Infobox payment service provider

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Example PSP
Original Name ?
Our Name ?
Current Name ?
Payment Methods ?
Countries ?
Documentation ?
Test Console ?
Contact ?

<templatedata> { "params": { "original_name": { "label": "Original Name", "description": "name of the PSP when we implemented it", "example": "Paypal", "type": "content", "required": true }, "our_name": { "label": "Our Name", "description": "Our name of the PSP", "example": "Paypal", "type": "content", "required": true }, "current_name": { "label": "Current Name", "description": "Current name of the PSP", "example": "Paypal EC", "type": "content", "required": false }, "payment_methods": { "label": "Payment Methods", "description": "Supported payment methods", "example": "Credit Card, Bank Transfer", "type": "content", "required": true }, "countries": { "label": "Countries", "description": "Countries this is the main processor for", "example": "US, CA", "type": "content", "required": true }, "documentation": { "label": "Documentation", "description": "Link to the documentation", "example": "", "type": "content", "required": true }, "test_console": { "label": "Test Console", "description": "Their test payment console", "example": "console.url", "type": "string", "required": false }, "contact": { "label": "Contact", "description": "How to contact them", "example": "Example person name", "type": "string", "required": false } }, "description": "Infobox about a payment processor", "paramOrder": [ "original_name", "our_name", "current_name", "payment_methods", "countries", "documentation", "test_console", "contact" ], "format": "block" } </templatedata>


{{Infobox payment service provider
| original_name =
| our_name =
| current_name =
| payment_methods =
| countries =
| documentation =
| test_console =
| contact =