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Ceiling cat

I'm removing the "ops does know what you are doing with sudo" bit. It's pretty obnoxious. The sort of person who is discouraged from misbehaving by the threat of surveillance is not the kind of person who should have sudo in the first place.

IMHO you shouldn't be surveilling sudo usage unless there is some compelling reason to suspect it is being abused, but that's a separate matter.

--Ori.livneh (talk) 02:15, 22 April 2013 (UTC)

Full host names

The instruction uses Host mw*, but I won't be able to connect via ssh from my limited linux understanding. Instead, I replaced it with Host *.eqiad.wmnet, and now I can connect with ssh tin.eqiad.wmnet. Is there a simpler method, where I could use ssh or something similar? Also, I think we should mention ssh-add as it caused some confusion on ubuntu. --yurik (talk) 01:39, 27 January 2014 (UTC)