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User:Alexandros Kosiaris - From using the site while looking up resources for the deployment project, subpages like these are less discoverable in search. There is also currently a page in the main space, Helm, that is quite short. What do you think about moving the content from here to there and removing this page (with a redirect if needed)? ~ Martyav (talk) 15:46, 8 May 2019 (UTC)

@Martyav, Alexandros Kosiaris: I'd suggest merging in the opposite direction (i.e. from Helm into this page). There's a general wiki principle that "redirects are cheap", and hence we generally recommend creating as many of them as are reasonable. This wiki in particular has a profusion of subpages, and subpages automatically have the 'breadcrumb' links at the top which provide easy access to higher-level documentation/explanations, so keeping to that pattern seems reasonable.
See also m:Learning patterns/Every new page starts off unwatched which encourages re-using/updating existing pages (which have people watching them, and have existing page history, and have existing incoming-links from elsewhere (bookmarks, external sites, emails, etc)) rather than starting new pages (or merging to smaller/newer pages).
Hope that helps! Quiddity (talk) 10:52, 12 May 2019 (UTC)