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16 September 2021

     01:20  Incident documentation/2021-09-13 cirrussearch restart diffhist +140 Legoktm →‎Actionables: remove stray )
     01:07  Nova Resource:Tools.wikibugs/SAL diffhist +583 Stashbot wikibugs: Updated channels.yaml to: 260a9bf4ddf30863267b6113dd2c651bfc5d68e4 channels: Remove 'Vector' from #wikimedia-editing notifs
 m   00:34  User:SDineshKumar diffhist +593 SDineshKumar
N    00:27  User talk:SDineshKumar diffhist +15 SDineshKumar init summary

15 September 2021

     23:43  Nova Resource:Tools.iabot/SAL diffhist +126 Stashbot bstorm: truncated massive files Worker[1-5].out T288300 T288276
     23:39  Switch Datacenter‎‎ 2 changes history +797 [Quiddity‎; Legoktm‎]
23:39 (cur | prev) +614 Legoktm →‎2021 switches: put switchback report under its section
00:01 (cur | prev) +183 Quiddity →‎2021 switches: note RO time and email
N    23:12  Portal:Data Services/Admin/Runbooks/Storage issue on drbd standby diffhist +3,760 Bstorm Basic ops to do when the DRBD secondary is acting up
     23:02  Server Admin Log diffhist +9,362 Stashbot legoktm: upgrading lists1001 to use postorius 1.3.5
     22:59  Release Engineering/SAL diffhist +490 Stashbot dpifke: Un-cherry-picked in deployment-prep for now; more work needed.
 m   22:43 diffhist −2 SDineshKumar
     20:53  SRE/Dc-operations/Platform-specific documentation/Dell Documentation diffhist +479 RobH →‎Administrative Actions
 m   20:08  Help:Toolforge/Web/Lighttpd diffhist +22 Lucas Werkmeister →‎Overview: bump PHP type version and mention that it’s not the only one
     19:43  WMDE/Wikidata/Scaling diffhist +241 Addshore →‎Revision table?: Add picture of edit pattern issues
     19:05  Orchestrator diffhist +297 Quiddity add disambig hatnote
     18:57  Mailman diffhist +1,394 Legoktm →‎Import from Google Groups: more
     18:24  Shellbox diffhist +536 Legoktm →‎Shellboxes: update, add planned shellboxes
N    18:19  Portal:Data Services/Admin/Runbooks/Resync a drbd volume diffhist +3,739 Bstorm basic runbook to build context around running "invalidate" on DRBD volumes
     17:55  Portal:Data Services/Admin/Shared storage diffhist +971 Bstorm →‎DRBD: adding a little narrative here
     16:47  Deployments diffhist +204 Gergő Tisza →‎Wednesday, September 15
 m   16:19  Scap/Release diffhist −1 Ahmon Dancy Update example version
     15:56  Metrics Platform/Demos diffhist 0 Ldelench changed date of next session
     15:23  Incident documentation/2021-09-06 Wikifeeds diffhist +2,037 JMeybohm →‎What went poorly?: Link phab task
N    14:17  User talk:Cornelius Kibelka diffhist +686 StrikerBot Welcome to Toolforge!
     11:58  Wikidata Query Service/Streaming Updater Rollout Plan diffhist −3,331 DCausse Replaced content with "Moved to phabricator at phab:T288231"
     11:47  Portal:Data Services/Admin/Runbooks/Failover an NFS cluster diffhist +4 Arturo Borrero Gonzalez →‎Overview: add link
     08:36  Backport windows/Deployers/Script diffhist −13 Lucas Werkmeister (WMDE) change back to eqiad
     08:08  Nova Resource:Tools/SAL diffhist +67 Stashbot majavah: update tools-manifest to 0.24
     08:04  Nova Resource:Toolsbeta/SAL diffhist +83 Stashbot majavah: tools-manifest 0.24, T290325
N    07:31  User:SDineshKumar/timeless.js diffhist 0 SDineshKumar Blanked the page
N    07:30  User:SDineshKumar/timeless.css diffhist 0 SDineshKumar Blanked the page
 m   07:19  Help:Toolforge/Java diffhist 0 SDineshKumar →‎jar files
 m   02:28  User:AKhatun/Wikidata Scholarly Articles Subgraph Analysis diffhist +3 AKhatun Fix typo
     02:23  Maintenance server diffhist +31 Krinkle labelling as "x in eqiad" for something located in codfw sounds confusing
     00:11  Template:Infrastructure Foundations/Navigation diffhist +15 Quiddity fix link

14 September 2021

     23:18  Maintenance server diffhist +4 Legoktm flip servers
     23:01  Server Admin Log diffhist +15,959 Stashbot legoktm@deploy1002: Synchronized wmf-config/CommonSettings.php: Re-enable VipsScaler (2 of 2) (duration: 01m 04s)
     22:43  Nova Resource:Tools.quickcategories/SAL diffhist +304 Stashbot wm-bot: <lucaswerkmeister> deployed e8a95d4c04 (background runner speedup)
N    21:34  Portal:Cloud VPS/ diffhist +115 BryanDavis Created page with "'''Portal:Cloud VPS''' subpages. {{Special:Prefixindex|prefix={{FULLPAGENAME}}|hideredirects=1|stripprefix=1}}"
     20:54  User:AKhatun/Wikidata Scholarly Articles Subgraph Analysis diffhist +9,203 AKhatun Complete summary count table
     20:52  Nova Resource:Tools.lexeme-forms/SAL diffhist +190 Stashbot wm-bot: <lucaswerkmeister> deployed c36ae4154a (l10n updates)
N    20:37  Scap/Release diffhist +2,894 Thcipriani
     20:35  Scap diffhist +51 Thcipriani →‎{{anchor|scap-deploy-log}}scap deploy-log
     20:33  Scap3 diffhist −9,409 Thcipriani Redirected page to Scap#Other software deployments
     20:31  How to deploy code/Scap diffhist −12 Thcipriani Changed redirect target from Scap3#Production Upgrade to Scap/Release
N    20:27  Scap/Scap3 check scripts diffhist +473 Thcipriani
N    20:25  Scap/Scap3 structured logging diffhist +2,104 Thcipriani
N    20:21  Scap/Scap3 limit diffhist +940 Thcipriani Created page with "=== [ Filter deploy hosts with --limit-hosts] === <code>--limit-hosts</code> or <code>-l</code> accepts a pattern in one of the following formats: * <code>~[regex]</code> - if the pattern starts with ~ it is interpreted as a regular expression, this is not combined with any other option * <code>![pattern]</code> - can be combined with any other pattern to negate that pattern. May be combined..."
N    20:20  Scap/Scap3 deployment groups diffhist +711 Thcipriani Created page with "This feature was introduced in differential revision [ D16] In addition to the <code>dsh_targets</code> config variable, scap looks for multiple <code>''[anything]''_dsh_targets</code> config variables. This enables <code>canary_dsh_targets</code>. All additional deployment groups will be executed before the primary deployment group (defined by the <code>dsh_targets</code> variable). Additionally, checks now can be scoped to a spec..."
N    20:17  Scap/Scap3 config deployment diffhist +1,348 Thcipriani Created page with "Scap3 can be used to [ deploy a service's configuration files]. === What happens on the deployment server === * Looks for environment-specific <code>./scap/config-files.yaml</code> with target files in the format: <pre> /path/to/target: template: env-specific-template.yaml.j2 remote_vars: /optional/remote/variable/file.yaml </pre> * Looks for environment-specific <code>./scap/vars.yaml</code> that includes variables used t..."