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Dell PowerEdge C2100

  • 2U rackserver
  • 12 3.5" disks (or 24 2.5" but we do not use that model as of yet)

Lights Out Management

The BMC card has a dedicated RJ45 socket on the motherboard which can be used independently from the main NICs.

Common actions (easy way)

RobH has written us a wrapper around the common ipmitool commands. It exists on sockpuppet.

root@sockpuppet:~# ipmi_mgmt
Syntax is ipmi_mgmt <host> <commands>
Command Listing
Power commands: powercycle, powerdown, powerup, powerstatus, powermonitor
Setting one time boot option: bootbios, bootcdrom, bootdisk, bootfloppy, bootpxe
Serial Console: console & ~~. to disconnect when done; consoleclose (for unintentional DC that doesn't free the com port)
BMC/LOM specific: bmcinfo, bmcreset.
Info gathering: fru, id (flash lights on system for local tech ID), log (BMC event log), sdr, sensor, sysinfo

Most Common Triple (when building a server)

 ipmi_mgmt <hostname> bootbios
 ipmi_mgmt <hostname> powercycle
 ipmi_mgmt <hostname> console


 ipmi_mgmt <hostname> bootpxe
 ipmi_mgmt <hostname> powercycle
 ipmi_mgmt <hostname> console

Common actions (raw way)

IPMI must be used to connect and manage the system. This tool can be run from a command line on any bastion host.

Powercycle the Server

 ipmitool -U root -H <hostname> chassis power cycle/up/down

Opening IPMI Shell

 ipmitool -U root -H <hostname> shell

Connecting to serial console

 ipmitool -U root -H <hostname> sol activate

Serial console control commands'

 [SOL Session operational.  Use ~? for help]
 Supported escape sequences:
 ~.  - terminate connection (and any multiplexed sessions)
 ~B  - send a BREAK to the remote system
 ~C  - open a command line
 ~R  - Request rekey (SSH protocol 2 only)
 ~^Z - suspend ssh
 ~#  - list forwarded connections
 ~&  - background ssh (when waiting for connections to terminate)
 ~?  - this message
 ~~  - send the escape character by typing it twice
 Note that escapes are only recognized immediately after newline.)

Getting the service event log

 ipmitool -U root -H <hostname> sel

Initial Setup

(Note: this setup assumes 12 drives + 2 SSDs)

BIOS Setup

(Note: BIOS setup on the C2100 includes the initial management network setup)

  • Press F2 to enter BIOS
  • Under the Advanced Tab
    • under IDE Configuration
      • change Configure SATA#1 as from IDE to AHCI
    • under PCI Configuration
      • note the NIC1 Mac Address - use this address to configure DCHP for the host's IP address
  • Under the Boot Tab
    • under Boot Settings Configuration
      • change Force PXE First from Enabled to Disabled
    • under Hard Disk Drives
      • move the AHCI:P2-Intel SSDs to the top of the list
    • under Boot Device Priority
      • make 'AHCI:P1-Intel' the 1st boot device
  • Under the Server Tab (NOTE: The following sequence is very slow)
      • Change BMC Lan Port to "DEDICATED"
      • Disable DHCP
      • Set IP, Subnet and Gateway (NOTE: Be sure to press enter after each entry)
      • Escape to Main Menu
    • Highlight Remote Access Configuration
      • Change Serial Port to COM2

Changing Management Password

This can only be done through the BMC on a web browswer

  • In a web browser enter the IP address or name of the management interface and press enter
  • Accept the Security Exceptioin
  • The default login for the BMC is root/root
  • Once in the BMC interface, click on configuration
  • click on users
  • click on user #2 administrator
  • click the 'change password' box
  • enter the new password twice
  • scroll down to the bottom, click 'apply changes'
  • logout