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Platform-specific documentation/IBM X3650M3

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Integrated Management Module

General Use

SSH is the method for connecting to the CLI interface of the IMM.

Power Commands:

  • power on, power off, power state, power cycle, reset
  • power off and power cycle can be followed by -s to shut down the operating system before powering off. (Not tested by WMF.)
  • reset it is a soft reset, the power supply is not fully cycled.

Console Commands:

  • console 1 starts the serial console
  • To escape, enter Ctrl+[ quickly followed by Shift+(


Network Setup

This is done via physical console on site when the system is racked.

  • After system boot at the IBM Xserver firmware screen press F1
  • From the setup utility main screen select system settings
  • Select Integrated Management Module
  • Select Network Configuration
  • Highlight DHCP Control field, and select option 1 for a Static IP
  • Set the IP, subnet, and gateway.
  • Select dedicated for IMM network connection
  • Save and Exit

Note: The configuration instructions need to be updated. The below can be done via CLI remotely easier than tunneling in to use the web GUI. --RobH 18:17, 17 November 2010 (UTC)

Initial Login

By Default the IMM is set-up with a user name of USERID and the password of PASSW0RD (with zero for the O) This default user is a supervisor user. You must change the user name and password during your initial login.(see below)

To access the IMM through the IMM web interface .

  1. Open a web browser to the address you assigned in the network configuration
  2. On the welcome page you can select the timeout value from the drop down list . (this sets the timeout for browser inactive)
  3. Click continue to start the session this will take you to the system settings page
  4. In the name field in the IMM information area. Type the name of the system and this will also have fields for contact email and location of the system
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click save.

Creating a login profile

In the Navigation panel select Login Profiles

  • Click Add user
  • In the login ID type the name of the user for the profile
  • In the Password field assign the password for the login ID ( you will have to confirm the password)
  • In the Authority Level area select one of the the following options to set the access rights of the login ID.
  • Supervisor The user has no restrictions
  • Read only The user has only read access
  • Custom If selected you will have to pick two or more of the choices provided
  • Click Save to save your login ID settings ( I would test the new login ID at this time before proceeding)

Disabling USB to Ethernet bridge

If the USB to ethernet bridge is not disabled, the ubuntu installer will have issues with it during dhcp provisioning steps in the installation. (Similar to earlier IPMI cards.) You can set this to disabled to resolve this.

  • Login to the IMM via ssh.
  • Run the following: usbeth -en disable

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