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Performance/Runbook/Boarding process

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This page contains describes the on-boarding and off-boarding process for members of the Performance Team.



The new hire's boarding process starts at HR. Among other things, they'll take care of the G Suite account at, and the Office-Wiki account.

See Guide for new hires (restricted).


  • Google Groups:
    • Membership to the tech-all@ group. (You can join this directly.)
    • Membership to the performance-team@ group. (Your buddy will invite you.)
  • Google Drive: The "Technology Department" and "Performance Team" folders should automatically appear after joining the e-mail groups.
  • Gerrit Code Review:
  • Phabricator:
    • The general guide covers the account/login.
    • Issue tracker (Maniphest): There are no access groups specific to our team.
    • Blog (Phame): Feel free to subscribe to our blog for in-Phabricator web notifications.
    • Blog settings: Your buddy should update the Edit Policy to include you.
  • Freenode IRC:
    • Join #wikimedia-perf (public)
    • Join #wikimedia-perf-bots (public)


The "Onboarding and Offboarding" guide on (restricted) outlines steps to be carried out by other departments. This includes things like the G Suite account for After that, traverse the "Team" section above and essentially revoke the same set of permissions.