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Obsolete:TecCo meeting/2006-05-09

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Action items

  • Renumber IP space. Work with mark and bw.
    • agreed: we need to do this. someone should contact ARIN to investigate the possibility of PI space.
      • mark will work with bw about this
  • Kyle investigates power situation at PM.
  • someone should contact other providers in our building to inquite about rates for additional bandwidth/transit from other providers
    • river will do this
    • we will need more hardware for this. we may be able to get a donation for this.
      • mark is working on this
    • michael will contact PM about the contract
  • Content distribution networks, eg to reduce bandwidth use for media files
    • brion is talking to a couple
  • Find new use for lopar or kill it
    • offsite hosting of foundation/donation pages?
    • brion will try this out
  • Get new squids
    • single opteron, 8gb ram, small fast (seeks) disk, linux.
    • 10 -> knams, 20 -> pmtpa (???)
    • brion talk to sun about this...

Save for next meeting

  • Turin cache cluster
    • May just expand knams
    • third-party content distributions services etc