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Obsolete:Sun storage/Final configuration

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  • 4.8TB raw (2.4TB RAID-1) fast storage
  • 48TB raw (24TB RAID-1) bulk storage
  • Dual NFS heads with active/standby failover
  • Future disk expansion:
    • +4.8TB raw (2.4TB RAID-1) fast storage
    • +48TB raw (24TB RAID-1) bulk storage
    • Additional RAID controllers
    • Additional NFS heads with access to same storage


  • Solaris (standard support)
  • Cluster (standard support)
  • StorageTek QFS (2-node license + standard support)


  • 1x StorageTek 6540 array
    • 4GB cache
    • 2x expansion trays:
      • 8x 300GB 15,000 RPM FC-AL disks each
    • 6x expansion trays:
      • 16x 500GB 7,200 RPM SATA-II disks each
    • Hardware support, silver
  • 2x Sun Fire T2000 server:
    • 1.4GHz 8-core UltraSPARC T1
    • 32GB RAM
    • 2x 73GB 10,000 RPM SAS disks
    • 1x dual-channel PCI-E 4Gbps FC host adapter
    • Hardware support, silver