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Cricket [1] is a graphing tool that we use to graph various statistics, along with Ganglia and MRTG.

Cricket is installed on Larousse and accessible from the web at address It resides in my homedir, /home/mark/cricket-config. The config tree (that defines monitoring targets) resides under /home/mark/cricket-config/config. After each change, a configuration database compile is required, using


Cricket obtains its data using a cron job that runs every 60 seconds:

* * * * * $HOME/cricket-config/collect-subtrees normal

Only subtrees listed in the file cricket-config/subtree-sets are monitored.

The web parts of Cricket live under /home/mark/public_html/cgi-bin/cricket (CGI programs) and /home/mark/public_html/cricket/images.

Subtree switch-ports

There exists a script to automatically generate or update the list of targets for all switch ports under the switchports tree. It is a slightly modified version of the listInterfaces script as contained in the Cricket distribution.

To update the switch port targets for a specific switch, go to the relevant directory and run the listInterfaces script:

cd /home/mark/cricket-config/config/switchports/csw1-chtpa
/home/mark/cricket-config/listInterfaces --cisco csw1-chtpa snmp-community > switchports

This will update the list with all current interfaces and switchports on the switch, including their interface descriptions.