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Nova Resource:Wmcs-nfs/SAL

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  • 15:00 bstorm_: Installed backported packages to nfs server and demonstrated that it can be made to work by following a procedure to be documented in T203254


  • 20:59 bstorm_: nfs mount is now at /mnt/nfs/test on the client. Since it now works, we should be able to break it for T203254
  • 20:16 bstorm_: rebuilt the puppetmaster so it works again


  • 19:44 gtirloni: recreated all servers from scratch with standalone puppetmaster
  • 13:33 gtirloni: pointed instances to nfs-puppetmaster-01.wmcs-nfs.eqiad.wmflabs
  • 13:19 gtirloni: created project