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Obsolete:Tool:Query service/5

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Image hash collisions

Description List of images with same SHA1 hashes between two wikis.
Assignee Siebrand
JIRA bug DBQ-5
Source Query service/image hash collisions#Query
Results Query service/image hash collisions#Results
Approximate run time below one minute on commons vs. nlwiki



<source lang="sql"> select


 '* [[:commons:Image:'

, db1.img_name , ']] = [[:nl:Image:' , db2.img_name , ']] (hash: ' , db1.img_sha1 , ')' ) as collision

from commonswiki_p.image db1

join nlwiki_p.image db2

 on db1.img_sha1 = db2.img_sha1

where db1.img_sha1 <> ; </source>

Change <tt>commonswiki_p</tt> and <tt>nlwiki_p</tt> to run against different wikis.


Last run: 21:09, 15 December 2007 (UTC)

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