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Uzume (user | talk)
What would you like to use your Tool Labs account for?
I was considering a simple HTTP redirector service redirecting to WMF wikis based on a Wikidata entity and a sitelink key: e.g., Q515701 + enwiki => HTTP/1.1 303 Location:

This is a bit like a more flexible d:Special:GoToLinkedPage.

Such URLs would be very useful for inbound links from other sites using their own linked data (they do not need to store such URLs, instead just Wikidata entities and be able link to the right pages based on their user language preferences, etc. by targeting the redirector service). They would also be resilient, able to survive page/article renames (without using each wiki's created redirects left over from such renames), etc.

It should be possible to have other language fallbacks (using an ordered list of sitelink keys, e.g., frwiki, enwiki would link to the English Wikipedia article until the French exists) and maybe even dynamically implement HTTP 300 multiple choices (depending on input parameters). It might also be able to implement browser negotiation via HTTP Accept-Language headers (mapping a site type and acceptable languages to sitelink keys to the location with the WD entity; it might be able to also select the most appropriate link based on the accept request with sitelink badge data).

At some point I might also look into other Wikidata bot development (perhaps look at importing identifiers for other controlled vocabularies).

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