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Objective Revision Evaluation Service


The system is designed to help automate critical wiki-work -- for example, vandalism detection and removal. This service is developed as part of the m:R:Revision scoring as a service project.

By keeping contribution open, but being good at quality control, open knowledge projects maximize productivity and quality -- and this works for large wikis that are well supported by quality control tools (e.g. English and German Wikipedia), but remain a burden for small wikis. ORES is intended to provide a generalized service to support quality control and curation work in all wikis.

Deployment guide


Hosts prediction models for public use.

Anticipated traffic level

more than 1000 hits per day

Anticipated time span


Project status

currently running

Willing to take contributors or not


Subject area narrow or broad


Cluster layout

The m:ORES cluster structure is depicted.

Request flow

A sequence diagram depicting a request flow when a score is cached is depicted for m:ORES.
not cached
A sequence diagram depicting a request flow when a score is not cached is depicted for m:ORES.

Response timings

Density of response timing per revision score requested from the ORES wikidata-reverted model.