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Nova Resource:Mediahandler-tests/SAL

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  • 20:09 andrewbogott: deleting project based on communication from Rainer Rillke


  • 13:35 andrewbogott: deleting shutoff precise instance mediahandler-tests-static


  • 03:01 rillke: Mediahandler-tests-static.mediahandler-tests.eqiad.wmflabs running on deprecated Ubuntu Precise can be deleted March 31. Successfully migrated contents and proxy settings to static2.mediahandler-tests.eqiad.wmflabs


  • 06:28 rillke: mediahandler-tests-mol: Deleted, not used, moved demo wiki to smaller Debian Jessie instance Mediahandler-mol

June 6

  • 11:00 rillke: deleting mediahandler-tests-mol.mediahandler-tests.eqiad.wmflabs in 14 days
  • 10:00 rillke: Reconfigured proxy to point to the new smaller Debian Jessie instance

January 24

  • 18:28 rillke: Deleted mediahandler-tests-trusty

July 9

  • 20:32 rillke: Created instances mediahandler-tests-mol, mediahandler-tests-static running web services for community evaluation. Don't touch!
  • 20:30 rillke: deleting mediahandler-tests-trusty in 48 hours