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Nova Resource:Integration/Jenkins Plugin

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  • Machine
    • Create Ubuntu Precise instance, e.g. integration-dev-precise (because Jenkins runs on gallium which runs Precise)
  • Source code
    • Set up a directory with the source code
    • $ cd ~
    • $ git clone cd git-client-plugin
    • $ git checkout git-client-1.4.6+wmf1
  • Dependencies
    • $ sudo apt-get install maven (Jenkins plugins need Maven 3.x)
    • $ sudo apt-get install default-jdk (mvn install threw "Could not find artifact com.sun:tools:jar:1.5 at specified", because by default we ship JRE instead of JDK.)
  • Build
    • $ cd path/to/jenkins-plugin-source
    • $ mvn install
  • Deploy