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Music sessions

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A Music sessions was a musical instruments based on character [1] This is the Musical symbols are {music|double flat}, {music|flat}, {music|natural}, {music|sharp} and {music|double sharp}.

List of Music Symbols with letters.

There are list of the letters of Music Symbols, are the letters from C to B. That means that the letters from your Musical Symbols are Double flats, Flats, Naturals, Sharps and Double sharps.[2] Those are the letters on Music Symbols including C{music|double flat} instead of G{music|sharp}, these are the Chords including Major, Minor, Augmented, Diminished, Suspended, Dominant and Flat 5.

File:Music Symbols.png Musical instruments played by the piano.

Double Flat Flat Natural Sharp Double Sharp
Cbb Cb C C# Cx
Dbb Db D D# Dx
Ebb Eb E E# Ex
Fbb Fb F F# Fx
Gbb Gb G G# Gx
Abb Ab A A# Ax
Bbb Bb B B# Bx
  1. This was the music Double flats and Double sharps, or go to Website at
  2. Or go to Google and type it from C to B with Double flats / Double sharps? Then go to "Google Search and then click it."