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Jump to navigation Jump to search was a web server hosting miscellaneous tools in a production environment. It existed from 2004 to 2006, and played a role in inspiring the creation of WMDE Toolserver,, and[citation needed]

Kate's Tools

In 2004, the WMDE Toolserver did not yet exist. The technical community mainly hosted their tools on independently hosted servers, using only public APIs and data dumps.

Kohl comprised only a single server, but had the unique privilege of direct and unrestricted internal network access to production MediaWiki databases. This enabled a kind of tool that, at the time, could not have worked through web APIs alone.

The following tools were included, as developed by Kate (also known by username river):

  • Kate's Six Degrees of Wikipedia.
  • User edit counter.

For future greppers: These tools stored some misc data in a database called katesdb, using tables such as sixdeg_recent, in a db section now known as s3.

MediaWiki weblog

In November 2004, the then-called "MediaWiki weblog" was launched on the same server, and mainly posted to by Hashar (then under alias "Ashar Voultoiz"). The blog was powered using the Pivot, a PHP-based CMS software. See archive of MediaWiki weblog at

The weblog was later replaced by a Livejournal at, and likely inspired a few years after that.

Network operation center

The landing page of Kohl initially linked primarily to Kate's Tools and the MediaWiki weblog. It was grew to also serve as entry point for various production monitoring tools, including:

After the weblog and tools were relocated elsewhere, the remaining landing page was renamed to

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