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Incidents/2019-03-13 MW API App Servers and EventGate

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STILL A DRAFT waiting for phab to be back...


On March 13, Petr and Otto enabled api-request logging to the new eventgate-analytics service for group1 wikis, bumping up volume to around 4000 messages / second. The HTTP requests from the EventBus extension were set to timeout after 60 seconds, and 1 (some?) out of 20 of the eventgate-analytics pods had errors producing to Kafka. This caused about 1/20th of POST requests to eventgate-analytics to wait 60 seconds before timing out. This caused MW API worker PHP threads to run low, resulting in 500 errors for MW API requests.

The produce errors seemed to be spaced about an hour apart, which leads us to believe that there is a produce volume threshold here that was being reached every hour. We are still investigating the cause of the produce problems.

Additionally, the volume of errors caused a significant increase in logstash messages. Logstash lagged. EventGate was logging the POSTed event data along with the error message, which caused logstash ElasticSearch indexing errors.


  • 18:44 - otto@deploy1001: Synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php: Enabling api-request logging to eventgate-analytics for group1 wikis
  • 19:12 - Icinga alerts
  • 19:14 - Icinga recovery
  • 20:12 - Icinga alerts
  • 20:15 - Icinga Recovery (there are still EventGate and logstash errors, but MW API requests recover)
  • ~20:20 - otto is notified in #mediawiki-security and realizes that the MW API 500s are caused by eventgate-analytics timeouts
  • 20:24 - otto@deploy1001: Synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php: Disabling api-request logging to eventgate-analytics for group1 wikis to investigate possible outage


We are still investigating the cause of the EventGate Kafka produce errors, but the MW API and Logstash problems should have been avoidable.

There is no reason that analytics POST requests to eventgate-analytics need to have a 60 timeout. EventGate is configured to have a 'hasty' mode, where POST produce requests will be served without confirmation; i.e. the HTTP client will get a response immediately, and the Kafka produce will happen asynchronously. This should be enabled for analytics events.

Logstash ElasticSearch was erroring because EventGate was including event data as log fields in error messages. Event data should be serialized to a string rather than included as log fields.

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