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Wikilabels wasn't been able to do some tasks in the past ten days. It was related to CORS changes that haven't been fully tested.




  • 12:51 UTC: Amir1 deployed the new version of Wikilabels into production


  • 14:52 UTC: An issue in github created that it's not possible to request a workset.
  • 15:32 UTC: halfak creates the task
  • 15:34 UTC: halfak responds in the github
  • 16:01 UTC: First fixes goes to production.
  • 17:36 UTC: Final fixes goes to prodcution


  • For people who were using the Wikilabels js from meta (and not using the loader from the server). It wasn't possible to do any write actions. I didn't have access to copy-paste the new wikilabels to Aaron's subpage thus I skipped this step. Won't happen again.
  • Authentication wasn't possible at all. In other words, requests to wasn't being accepted due to lack of cookies. It got solved in 08aadf590d79ba1d2b9455d24ddfe64355a1ae0b
  • Assigning tasks wasn't possible. It got solved in [1]


A broad actionable item is to test every possible aspect of patches before going to prod when a big change is coming.

More special actionables:

  • Fix access issue with halfak's subpage. (phab:T137626)
  • Write and deploy more CI tests, specially for oauth. A test unit for service is much more desirable. (phab:T137625)