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db1046 (m2-master) encountered a thread pool lockup of some sort and started denying new connections:

141122 20:10:53 [ERROR] Threadpool could not create additional thread to handle queries, because the number of allowed threads was reached. 141122 20:10:53 [Note] Threadpool has been blocked for 30 seconds.

Existing persistent connections for otrs and eventlogging were apparently still working, but gerrit could not connect. It wasn't immediately obvious which thread was doing the blocking, and a gdb backtrace suggested that a low-level buffer pool mutex deadlock may have occurred, so I opted to restart mysqld. That returned things to normal.

Further investigation needed. Ori wondered on IRC if the recent eventlogging batching changes were related; unlikely IMO, since EL isn't doing anything more unusual than batching inserts. Most likely this is an upstream bug.


  • ~20:10 thread pool lockup
  • ~20:30 mysqld restart


  • Status:    Done Upgrade to MariaDB 10.0.15.