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Incidents/2019-06-03 eqiad-port-saturation

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We received a LibreNMS alert for port utilization over 80% on in xe-3/3/3 interface.

After some investigation, we identified a single client running in AWS performing multiple requests for media content using "User-Agent: python-requests".


No user-facing impact.


LibreNMS alert on #-operations


(In UTC)

  • 12:23: <librenms-wmf> Critical Alert for device - Primary outbound port utilisation over 80%
  • 13:22: faidon@weblog1001:/srv/log/webrequest$ head -n 2560000 sampled-1000.json | jq -r '.ip + " " + (.response_size | tostring)' | awk '{ sum[$1] += $2 } END { for (ip in sum) print sum[ip],ip }' |sort -nr | head -10
  • 13:35: cdanis opens abuse report with AWS abuse team
  • 13:50: crawler begins scraping larger objects again, network usage increases to max
  • 14:00: ema merges to block their User-Agent (also unavoidably blocking some legitimate traffic)
  • 14:01: ema runs puppet on cp1084
  • 14:05: outbound network returns to normal


  • phab:T224884 - Rate limit requests to cache_upload
  • phab:T224888 - Network port saturation should page
  • phab:T224891 - Return HTTP 403 to requests violating User-Agent policy
  • Begin enforcing our existing meta:User-Agent policy, after notifying community (TODO: file task). Some summary of discussion:
    • Ratelimit/block 'default' UAs, like "curl", "python-requests", "python-urllib2", etc.
      • Probably allow only so many reqs/sec from a given IP for these 'default' ones
    • First investigate how much traffic this would hurt
    • wikitech-l@, mediawiki-api-announce@, and m:Tech/News are reasonable venues for announcements