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Incident documentation

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No incidents reported in the last 8 days.
Create a new incident report
  1. Deal with the issue (See also Incident response).
  2. Write up what happened using the form below (template). Use past incident reports for inspiration.<inputbox>
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 buttonlabel=Create report
 prefix=Incident documentation/20200710-


  1. Once done, change the status to "in-review", preferably within 7 days of the incident.
  2. Within 3 weeks the ONFIRE working group will get back to you with feedback.
  3. After the ONFIRE review and any updates to the report, set the status to "final" and notify the ops@ mailing list.

Past incidents

This page tracks incident reports about Wikimedia Foundation properties, such as Wikipedia.

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Incident history

Check Category:Incident documentation for older incident reports.