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Location: pmtpa
Server group: Miscellaneous pmtpa
Node name: (fingerprint)
Serial: DWMFQF1
Usage: static dump
This device has been decommissioned.
Icinga?: host status services status
Memory: 8 GB
CPU: 4x 1.6 GHz
OS: Ubuntu logo small.png Ubuntu 8.04


Dell PowerEdge 1950/2950


  • spence and hume were maintenance/batch servers, not Apache servers; hume is being replaced by its eqiad equivalent terbium
  • Apache (serves tarballs of static html dumps of the various wikipedia projects from June 2008, as well as live browsable copies of them)
  • Gearman (what is this piece doing? No docs or logs anywhere, can't find out what clients are talking to it...)

Puppet Roles

hume is a Wikimedia Misc - Maintenance Server: foundationwiki (misc::maintenance::foundationwiki).

hume is a Wikimedia Misc - Maintenance Server: pagetriage extension (misc::maintenance::pagetriage).

hume is a Wikimedia Misc - Maintenance Server: parser cache purging (misc::maintenance::parsercachepurging).


  • has a large partition /archive which has fundraising backups and banner impression logs, see Backup_status_chart


  • 2009-08-04: was being used for hadoop testing, that's been turned off, now doing its normal jobs only
  • 2008-02-29: Server racked, DRAC online. Will not netboot due to DHCP requiring new configuration for this subnet.