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Fundraising/Team processes/Tech talks

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2023-03-14 Tuesday Putting Dlocal live, looking at civicrm watchdog replacement patches, debugging through Dlocal redirect testing


2023-02-14 Tuesday How fundraising dev is setup for jobs (silverpop, process control, django banner stats)

2023-02-08 Wednesday

2023-02-07 Tuesday

2023-01-31 Tuesday Begnning: testing watchdog replacement, ipn header testing End: getting fresh to work on docker

2023-01-17 Tuesday First half: Civi logs, acoustic email error Second half: talking about JS load order

2023-01-04 Wednesday

2023-01-03 Tuesday Looking at different chaos board tickets


2022-12-14 Wednesday Looking at dLocal form CSS then looking at why civi import had a no_thank_you of anonymous

2022-12-13 Tuesday Looking at stats

2022-12-07 Wednesday

2022-12-06 Tuesday Looking at what we need to do to move the PayPal orphan rectifier to the pending transaction resolver then looking at why a new docker install was erroring (db permissions/db not there for the damaged table)

2022-11-29 Tuesday Looking at data from banners (first day of en6c)

2022-11-15 Tuesday Looking at RML, watching queue speed during 100% test

2022-11-10 Wednesday Deploying to Civi, looking at monthly convert, looking at new Damaged UI

2022-11-09 Tuesday

2022-11-02 Wednesday What was it on

2022-11-01 Tuesday what was it on

2022-10-26 Wednesday What was this on

2022-10-25 Tuesday I think damaged table into searchkit, confirm

2022-10-19 Wednesday What was it on

2022-10-18 Tuesday What wasit on

2022-10-13 Special Thursday Edition - What was it on

2022-10-11 Tuesday - Chaos Crew questions then walkthrough of Paypal EC moving to Smashpig

2022-10-05 Wednesday What was it on

2022-10-04 Tuesday Chaos Crew questions

2022-09-28 Wedneday What was it on, something civi

2022-09-27 Tuesday What was it on

2022-09-22 Thursday - Special Edition Figuring out why CI wasn't working for

2022-09-21 Wednesday - Discussing how the audit module currently works and code review for

2022-09-20 Tuesday - Civi side of forget me process

2022-09-20 Tuesday - Special Edition - Merging updates from REL1_35 into fundraising/REL1_35

2022-09-14 Wednesday Pending Transaction Resolver for Adyen

2022-09-13 Tuesday Discussing how to refactor the Adyen Audit then talking about the Pending Transaction Resolver for Adyen

2022-9-06 Tuesday First part using apiv4 to find contribution recurs, stopped to not show PII

Second short part, doing a join in apiv4

2022-08-30 Tuesday Editing Civi triggers for recurrings then looking at more recurrings/duplicate tokens

2022-08-24 Wednesday find link

2022-08-23 - Tuesday Looking at Paypal IPNs from Bratinree

2022-08-17 - Wednesday Collecting questions for the Braintree call that happened right after the tech talk

2022-08-16 - Tuesday Looking into ideal no recurring id failmails and hunting for the bug

2022-08-03 - Wednesday - Figuring out how to test drush/maintence files for the braintree parser

2022-08-02 - Tuesday - Looking at adding debug to investigate queue delay

2022-07-27 - Wednesday -

2022-07-26 - Tuesday -

Advancement Offsite Dublin

2022-07-13 - Wednesday

2022-07-12 - Tuesday

2022-07-06 - Wednesday - Braintree recurring