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Fundraising/Data and flow/PSP integrations

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Capability grid that was on homepage

Payment processor capabilities:

Ingenico PayPal Amazon Adyen D*Local Braintree Banks Checks
Credit card Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bank transfer Yes Yes No Yes Yes IBAN, Swift
Countries list USA[1] Latam+IN
Currencies [2] list USD All[3] USD (different accounts for other curriencies)
Direct debit [4] No No Yes
Recurring Yes Yes Yes Yes n/i Yes
Mobile optimized No n/i[5] n/i[6] n/i
Languages [7] [8] ? ?
Donor needs account No Yes Yes No No Yes
Refund by API n/i n/i n/i n/i n/i
Fully automated auditing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


Yes Implemented
n/i Not yet implemented
No Unsupported by processor