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Eqiad Migration Planning/Checklist

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EQIAD Checklist


  • Ceph at EQIAD
    • can we serve images
    • does upload wizard function
  • Image scalers
    • this will be shown by upload wizard functionality
  • Apache servers
    • does anything show up :)
  • git-deploy
    • is prereq of whole cutover
  • cluster replication
  • Math, Captcha, Misc objects from ms7 to Swift
  • memcached
  • redis
    • this will be tested by sessions.
    • might also want to do a couple of manual tests
  • parser cache, parser cache sharding
    • replication already functioning, but need to tail error log
  • database servers replication
    • heartbeat will tell us the status of this
  • proper SQL grants in place
    • done by asher
  • poolcounter
  • Netapp discrepancies handled
  • logging: wmerrors + apache syslog
    • this can be pre-tested by taking a look on fluorine
  • parsoid servers
  • Varnish
  • Mediawiki config in place
  • failover (both directions)
  • test/test2 or equivalent supported (optionally name test -> pre-production and test2 -> staging to reflect actual function)


  • Ceph objects accessed correctly
  • Apaches replicated properly (Jeff Green replay script to test this)
  • git-deploy dry runs
  • logging
  • failover/fail back
  • Poolcounter
    • test with telnetting to the port and requesting stats

UI tests:

  • Login works
  • Logout works
  • UploadWizard works
  • Upload new file over existing image works
  • Image purge works
  • Anonymous editing works
  • Math extension works
  • PDF book creation works
  • Video transcoding works
  • Job queue is processing
  • Captcha (account creation)
  • Make edits on wikis associated with each database cluster (s1, s2...s7)
  • User
    • registers
    • search article
    • read article
    • comment on article
    • edit article
    • create article
    • localization

  • Community member
    • tag article
    • (exercise special pages features)
    • exercise special page functions