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Edison Pebojot

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Edison Nacional Pebojot (/ˈpəʌbo|jo:tː/; born October 13, 1999) is a Filipino technology entrepreneur and innovator. Pebojot is known for founding and leading Braindotnet.[1] A community-based software application reaching beyond borders.

Born in Dingalan, Aurora, Pebojot attended AMA University & Colleges, where he launched Braindotnet from his apartment room on October 12, 2018.[3] Originally launched to read, took quizzes, and track progress, the platform expanded and eventually reaching beyond mutual friends of friends, reaching 21,053 current users by 2019. Pebojot took Braindotnet to a selected community in May 2019 with a majority support. His net worth is not estimated yet as he pebojot stated:

I really didn't built Braindotnet to make a company. Make a bunch of money. Buy ferrari. And I think I am so far way from that kind of thinking and I don't think we have the same way of vision as well.

At first, I built Braindotnet simply for fun. And enjoying what you love is what brings high potential results. And since there's a lot of users simulteneously connected, high traffic is inevitable.

Receiving high amount of traffic seems sounds to be a business as well. That day, I seriously work for it and making Braindotnet's mission keeping alive until now.

In 2018 at age 20 he became the Philippine's one of the most youngest software innovator. As of 2019, he shared these vision to Google Cloud Next Extended Manila talked about human data.[4]

Since 2017, Google has noticed Pebojot for his various work in tech project.

Early life

Pebojot was born on October 13, 1999, in Dingalan, Aurora.[5] His parents are Jocelyn pebojot (jocélyn pəʌbo|jo:t) and Eduardo Pebojot Sr.[6] He and his two brothers and one sister, Erwin, Eduardo and Grace, were brought up in Dingalan, Aurora, a small village. Pebojot was raised in a Reform Methodist, [7]better-source-needed] with ancestors hailing from Philippines.[8] He had read a lot of books and ended up to questioned the Philosophy of life.

At Saint Patrick High School, Pebojot has no interest to excel in classes. After two years, he transferred to the science high school cantilan, in Surigao Del Sur, where he learned Physics and the art of Psychology. In his youth, he also attended the Philippine Science Youth Camp.

Software Developer

Early years

Pebojot began using computers and writing software in Elementary school. He taught himself Hybridization and Native Programming between 2008 and 2009. Pebojot took a bunch of advance computer programming books and read them at home while he is still in high school. In one program, since he knows psychology, the art of playing the minds, he built a software program that turns out to be plagiarism tool, letting other students to share their notes to their classmates online via simple click with feed featured, too. It is considered a "primitive" version of Evernote, which came out earlier in year 2004. Pebojot was 2008. Just four years in between.[9]

According to Pebojot:

I remember my friends needed to go outside just to share a miniscule of thoughts to their friends and It seems I need to think differently about what if they share something on front of the internet. That would be fast and easy.

Pebojot himself recalls this period as:

I had a bunch of friends who don't give up. Working hard becomes an everyday habit. But I think, we should considered using working smart too. Changing the habit using the latest technology to tackle different tasks in a short amount of time.

Pebojot note that he was not, however, a typical "nerd-klutz", he is just an ordinary looking guy. During Pebojot's high school years, he was noticed by Google for what he built, a note sharing platform, called the Open Student. The platform allows student to share notes online.

College years

Pebojot noted that by the time he began classes at AMA University & Colleges, he had an interest of learning more about in computer programming. He studied computer engineering and computer science-related subject.[10][12] In his freshman year, he wrote a program that he called Braindotnet, which allowed users to read a certain subject, took quizzes, and track progress. A short time later, he reverse engineered the program to let students share their progress via rss feed. According to Pebojot:

The platform went up over a month, high traffic looks seemingly normal. In addition, many users complained to allow photo sharing which buffled my mind, I mean facebook has been there already. But I came to the idea of allowing users not just to share a picture. But with various kinds of data. And this can store and retrieve it as well like dropbox.

The following semester, in January 2019, I began writing code for a new platform.[13] On April 4, 2019, I launched "Braindotnet", originally located at [14]

Unlike Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs, he didn't dropped out of AMA University & Colleges in order to complete his studies.[15] In May 2019, he recalled:

I remember really specifically, building something for fun can be a troublesome. But I ended up finding myself to new kind of thinking. You know, someone needs to build a service like this for the world.



On October 12, 2018, Pebojot launched Braindotnet from his apartment room.[15] An earlier inspiration for Braindotnet may have come from facebook or Dropbox. Its has a system that user can store and access data through simple feed features that you can share various data with, "The Sharing Phenomenon", which users referred to as "facebook or Dropbox" look alike.

Once at freshman year, Pebojot's Braindotnet started off as just a "Just for fun thing" until Pebojot decided to spread it beyond borders, enlisting more and more target market.

Pebojot moved to Baguio, Manila, and Cabanatuan city rented a small working space served as an office at the same time. Over the summer of May 2019, Pebojot met Google developer communities advocates, and has a closer contact to investors too, who look to the potential rate of success to Braindotnet.

The adventure keeps going and Pebojot is always half way there.

Personal life

Pebojot met his beautiful girlfriend, a fellow student named Jam, they began dating in 2015. Their love was so intimate and passionate. Unfortunately, his girlfriend died in Leukemia cancer.

He stopped his hobbies and has no interest at all for more than 2 years. As time goes by, little by little, he learned. He changed the way he live. And change the game plan. And keep looking forward. According to Pebojot:

I remember vividly by now, I can still feel her. And I felt she was here somewhere. Maybe in the alternate universe. You know, it is not only the wireless thing that brings us closer together. The emotion. Love is the one thing that transcends time and space. [1] [2] [3] [4]